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Magic Mushroom Dosage Guide

Magic Mushroom Dosage

Magic mushrooms are being more and more popular nowadays in Canada. Shrooms, also known as psilocybe cubensis come in many shapes, sizes and varieties that can cause varying effects on your mind. One of the most important things to know about magic mushrooms is how much you should take for desired results. There are four different types of magic mushroom dosage: micro dosage, low dose, moderate dose and high dose. For a magic mushroom experience that will help you focus on creative tasks or get more social with friends, try taking a micro-dose. This is an extremely small amount that won’t have any psychoactive effects but may still make it easier to think creatively or talk to people at parties without inhibition. Here is a guide on how each type of dosage will affect your mind!

What are magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are a type of fungi that contain psilocybin also know as psilocin. These substances cause hallucinations, changes in perception, and euphoria. Magic mushrooms have been used for centuries in religious ceremonies. Magic Mushrooms are also commonly called Shrooms or Zooms in Canada.

There are many different strains of magic mushrooms, some of the most famous include Golden Teachers, Blue Meanies, and Penis envy.

Magic mushrooms are usually ingested by drying them and then either chewing or boiling. They can also be ground up into a powder, and used in shroom edibles such as shroom gummies or chocolates for example. They are getting really popular for their health benefits in Canada whether it is for mood enhancement with micro-dosing or deeper experience with high dosage.

Users experience can hallucinations as well as intense euphoria while under the influence of magic mushrooms. It is not uncommon for users to feel nauseous after ingesting psilocybin-containing fungi in large doses causing vomiting if they have taken too much. Some users report having bad trips with very negative experiences such as feeling anxious or depressed but these cases are rarer than good trips that people enjoy immensely.

How long does magic Mushroom last?

On average you can expect your trip to last from two to eight hours. Depending on the dosage, the strain and your body weight.

It is also good to know how long it takes to kick in, magic mushroom, as opposed to cannabis edibles, usually hit faster. You can expect to feel it within 60min. You should always wait at two hours before taking more magic mushrooms or you might end up having a full hallucinogenic, mystical experience. You might feel as if you’re lost in the air, and your synesthesia symptoms may include hearing colours and seeing sounds.

Different types of magic mushroom dosages

Micro dosage

Micro Dosing is a very small dose of mushrooms, usually about a 10th to a 20th of a normal dose of a recreational dose. So, if a typical dose of dried magic mushrooms is 1-2.5g, a microdose would be 0.1-0.25g. There are no mind-altering effects when you take a microdose of magic mushrooms. This means you won’t experience changes in perception like visual hallucinations.

When having a microdose you may experience:

  • Increased focus
  • Improved creativity
  • Mood enhancement
  • Less anxiety
  • Higher Energy level

It’s typical for a microdose to have little or no impact on your daily routine, such as job and socializing with others.

Low dosage

means low amount of mushrooms. It’s a dosage you take when you’re starting to explore the magic kingdom and don’t want too much. At this dosage, you will experience some light psychedelic effects. Effects can vary depending on the person, but usually, it just produces a light body buzz and some euphoria. It’s a good way to start if you want to explore the world of magic mushrooms.

When having a low dose you may experience:

  • Colours enhancement
  • Slight Body High
  • Euphoria or Anxiety
  • A Giddy Feeling

Low dosage of magic mushrooms is usually between 0.25 grams and 1gram of dried magic mushrooms.

Moderate dose

You’ll have more powerful psychedelic effects while having a moderate dose of magic mushrooms.

Psychedelic effects you can experience include:

  • Visual distortions, like movement or swirling patterns on the walls of your room. These can be very vivid and colourful
  • Synesthesia, which is also known as ‘crossing of the senses’ (ex: hearing colours)
  • Visual hallucinations, like seeing objects that aren’t really there or distortions in the way things look.
  • Music may sound more interesting or profound than usual
  • Laughter and Euphoria
  • Noticeable Body High
  • Introspection
  • Confusion, Paranoia, fear or anxiety
  • Time Dilatation

The quantity you should take for a moderate dosage is usually between 1g to 3g of mushrooms, depending on the potency.

High dose of magic Mushrooms

With a high quantity of magic mushrooms, you may anticipate powerful effects, including significant modifications to your thinking, memory, perception, and mood.

You may feel the effects of a mild dose (at a higher degree), as well as:

  • Hallucinations include both visual and auditory experiences.
  • Visions in a type of waking dream state.
  • Profound realizations
  • A sensation of detachment from your own body
  • The sensation of a ‘divine presence’
  • The prospect of ‘ego death,’ where you lose your sense of self-identity

The number of magic shrooms needed for the high dosage will vary based on your body weight and tolerance level. You should take no more than three-four grams.

Heroic Dose

A ‘heroic dose’ of magic mushrooms provides a distinct experience in comparison to the other mushroom dosages described. It’s at this dosage that you can anticipate having a mystical experience.

Some people find themselves feeling like they’re part of the universe, while others may be driven by their ego dissolution and want nothing more than to disappear into thin air or communicate with otherworldly beings who know all about what’s going on in this world right now – even if you don’t think it needs fixing!

The most common architecture associated with these spiritual experiences happens when users sense timeless existence without beginning or end; an infinite void where time just slows down so much so there truly does feel like “something” beyond our grasp.

A heroic dose of magic mushrooms is 4 grams or more. The dosage outlined here will vary depending on your sensitivity to psychedelics. Only with an expert guide in a controlled setting, such as at a mushroom ceremony or retreat, should heroic doses be taken.

The Best Conditions for Each Mushroom Dosage Type

Micro dosage

The microdose of magic mushrooms is a great way to enhance your productivity and sense of well-being without any impairment. You can be under the influence of shrooms while at work, with friends or family going out for dinner – it’s not going to affect what you’re doing normally! When microdosing you won’t experience any side effects, and many people are able to carry on with their day-to-day activities without difficulty.

Low dosage

Because this is when psychedelic side effects start to manifest, the amount of mushroom used may not be suitable for all settings. A low dose, for example, might be distracting at work or school or cause you to feel out of place while on dates or spending time with family.

Make sure you don’t have any pressing obligations at this dose or higher when using this medication, as your ability to function may be affected.

Moderate dosage

Tripping at moderate dosage is common, but you might have to limit your environment. For example, walking around the city or being in an intense club/festival setting can be too much if it’s not well measured- just take care of yourself! Tripping alone or with close and trusted companions at this dose is typical.

Talking with others who have taken magic mushrooms is a unique experience. The conversations often go beyond what would happen if you took the drug alone, and they tend to be more honest as well because of this influence from chemical assistance in our brain. A moderate amount makes for great chats!

High dosage

People who are new to mushroom therapy may want to consider having a sober friend or loved one accompany them when they take their first high dose. You’ll find that this helps with any anxiety you feel about experiencing something so foreign, as well as providing emotional support if needed throughout the trip!

High doses of mushrooms can be taken at home, in the comfort of one’s own space. It is important to prepare for this by ensuring there are plenty food items available and music that will keep you distracted.

If you plan to take a high dose of mushrooms during the peak, it may be best if avoid walking around crowded areas or busy roads as these settings can feel overwhelming and unsafe.

Heroic dosage

The supervision of a professional is essential when taking intense and deep experiences, such as those found in heroic doses. This person should be present to protect your physical safety from challenging or overwhelming situations that may arise during this Mind- tasted adventures

If you need help overcoming any difficulties then have someone nearby who can center yourself so they don’t leave without checking up on how things are going!

The Benefits of each Magic Mushroom Dosage

Magic mushrooms come with a variety of health benefits depending on the dosage you take. Whether it is micro-dosing or high dose you will experience improvements in your life if you are correctly prepared for it, especially for higher doses.

Benefits of Micro dosing

Common benefits when micro-dosing magic mushroom includes:

  • Soothing symptoms of mental health problems, such as major depression, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, PTSD, ADHD, and OCD.
  • Increased creativity
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Increase energy level
  • Calming the mind

Benefits of Low dosing

Common benefits when low dosing magic mushroom includes:

  • Enhancing specific situations, such as spending time with friends or listening to music
  • Feelings of euphoria and giddiness
  • Increasing creativity
  • Increased energy levels and stimulation
  • Testing the world of psychedelics

Initial experiments with psychedelics, testing the waters.

Benefits of Moderate dose mushrooms:

Common benefits when moderate dosing magic mushroom includes:

  • A full psychedelic experience, either for recreational or spiritual reasons
  • Introspection, self-examination, and self-improvement are all part of the process.
  • Improving mental health
  • Increased feelings of empathy towards others.
  • Improved interpersonal relationships with friends, family and loved ones.

Benefits of High dose mushrooms:

Common benefits when high dosing magic mushroom includes:

  • Having spiritual experiences
  • Breaking through emotional barriers
  • Trying to overcome a personal problem or sickness, such as an existential crisis or severe depression
  • More effectively connecting with oneself, others, and the world

Benefits of Heroic dose mushrooms:

Common benefits when heroic dosing magic mushroom includes:

  • Personal growth
  • Exploring the mind’s depths and potential

Final thoughts about Mushroom Dosage

The magic mushroom experience is full of potential and wonder, but it can also be quite intense. Now that you know everything about shroom dosage and how much shrooms you should take in order for your trip to feel like a dream and not a nightmare! It is also important to know the type of mushroom species you will be taking. If it’s potent, then take lower end doses for your desired experience. Mushrooms vary in potency and some can have very intense effects so knowing what kind they are before consuming them ensures that there won’t be any surprises later on!

Knowledge is power when it comes to achieving a beneficial psychedelic experience.  It’s important to be in a positive mindset and environment when taking these fungi since they can produce an intense experience.