If you’re looking for 500mg THC edibles in Canada, you’ll find it with us. We carry gummies, chocolates, cookies and brownies with this potency! With a 500 mg dose, we can guarantee that you will experience extreme effects. 500mg THC is a good choice for medication purposes. Anyone who suffers from chronic pain, insomnia or loss of appetite can try them. However, if you’re new to cannabis and not sure where to start, know that 500 milligrams are extremely potent, beginners should also start with 5-10mg and wait for a couple of hours before eating more.

500mg THC can make you feel very high and may cause some anxiety or paranoia, especially if it’s your first time-consuming cannabis edibles in Canada. We strongly suggest that anyone eating 500mg edibles should split them into 4 pieces and wait before eating more. Along with 500mg, we also offer 1000mg edibles which are some of the strongest edibles in Canada.

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THC Chocolates Bar Edibles

Our cannabis infused chocolate bars come in three different THC potencies. Each chocolate bar has 24 squares making it easy to take the exact amount of THC you need:
  • 240mg chocolate bar: 10mg THC per chocolate square great for beginners
  • 500mg chocolate bar: 20mg THC per chocolate square great for intermediate
  • 1200mg chocolate bar: 50mg THC per chocolate square great for experts
Please be aware that there is a risk of melting chocolate during delivery due to the weather.

THC Chocolate Bar Details

THC Content 240mg, 500mg or 1200mg
THC per square 10mg, 20mg or 50mg
Good for Pain, Anxiety, Fun, Focus, Sleep
Ingredients chocolate 72%, distillate THC
Storage Store in a cool, dry & dark place

500mg THC Brownie (2x250mg)

Our Chocolate brownies are homemade with the best ingredients, they will let you go back to childhood with just one mission in mind, to make you happy! They are part of the strongest edibles in Canada, so you need to take extra precautions before trying them, the experience can be the best of your life but also the worst so be careful and responsible while eating them. 500mg is a dosage for highly experienced people. 500mg THC is great for medicinal purposes, especially for heavy health conditions. Each 500mg package contains 2 pieces of brownie containing 250mg of THC each. Ingrédients: butter, sugar, eggs, flour, walnuts, chocolate, distillate THC Storage: 6 months in the fridge, 2 months at room temperature Buy More, Save More: Get up to 20% Off your edibles when buying multiple packs.

Strong Edibles Bundle +3000mg THC

This combo pack is not for any edibles lover. This is only for those who are serious about getting the ultimate high, or for those who need powerful medication. It includes all our strongest edibles available, which go up to 1000mg THC per edible. Save 15% on the retail price when buying this bundle. BC Weed Edibles are soft and sweet with minimal green taste, and with maximum value. Most of our edibles are vegan, such as our chocolates and gummies.

What's in this Strong Edible Bundle?

Now let's take a look at what is waiting for you in this strong pack. In this pack you will get: Warning: You should not buy this bundle if you are not sure about your THC tolerance. This bundle is only for experienced cannabis users, that have a clear idea of the dosage they need. Please consult our Edible Dosage Chart by Weight before making any purchase. Do not use if pregnant, do not drive or operate heavy machinery after ingesting, Keep out of reach of children and pets. Storage: 6 months in the fridge, 2 months at room temperature.

500mg THC Chocolates (2x250mg)

Our 500mg chocolate edible squares are made with high-quality THC distillate. Easy to transport and perfect to take care of yourself and finally enjoying a product of great taste quality. 500mg is a dosage for patients with heavy health conditions and need to medicate on a daily basis at the best price. 500mg THC is great for medicinal purposes, especially for heavy health conditions. Each 500mg package contains 2 chocolates containing 250mg of THC each. Ingredients: chocolate 72%, distillate THC Storage: 6 months in the fridge. Buy More, Save More: Get up to 20% Off your edibles when buying multiple packs.

A Variety of 500mg Edibles

It's hard to resist the craving for something sweet after a long day. What better way to indulge than with our selection of 500mg THC edibles? With so many tasty options, you're sure to find an option that will satisfy your taste buds! You can choose from gummies and cookies or brownies — whichever is more up your alley!

High Quality 500mg Edibles

With our THC-infused edibles, you'll never be left unsatisfied! We only use the best ingredients from Canada to provide a delicious gourmet snack that will have your taste buds singing. No artificial colourants or flavouring!

You know what they say: “you're not hungry until you eat.” So if it's almost dinnertime and all of your snacks are gone but there is still no sign of dinner materializing insight… take matters into your own hands with these cannabis edibles made by us Canadians outta good stuff. Note that all our 500mg gummies are suitable for a vegan diet!

Cheap 500mg THC Edibles

We're sure you've heard it all before. But we offer cheap edibles deals on 500mg edibles, including discounts when buying several products! Visit our store and get your favourite 500mg edibles. We offer coupons, discounts for buying a bunch of products at the same time!

We know that there are plenty of options for the candy-loving cannabis enthusiast out there but if you haven't tried our line just yet then now's your chance to save a few bucks while also enjoying some great quality treats. We have tons of different flavours and varieties so no matter what kind of sweet tooth craving hits us – we'll be able to satisfy with something delicious!