If you are looking for the best place to buy high-quality and cheap Shroom edibles online in Canada you come to the perfect place! At BC Weed Edible, we offer shrooms gummies that have the same effects as dried shrooms but are easier to take in. Our most popular Shroom edibles include our gummies & chocolates. They contain the psychoactive compound psilocybin, which has been found to produce hallucinations and other psychedelic effects when ingested.

Our Psilocybin edibles are crafted with the best shrooms strains in Canada such as Golden Teachers, Blue Meanies and Penis Envy. They also come with an accurate dosage of shroom which allows you to easily control the experience or health benefits you want to have. From micro-dosing 100mg shroom edibles up to 3g of shroom chocolates we have something for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an expert with psychedelic shrooms you will find what you need!

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250mg Magic Mushroom Gummies (10x250mg)

Our 250mg Shroom Gummies are vegan, no gelatin, made with the best ingredients. All packs contain 10 gummies which is the equivalent of 2.5 grams of dried magic shrooms. The perfect texture for the perfect taste you could find. Easy to transport and perfect to take care of yourself and finally enjoying a product of great taste quality. 250mg is considered as a starter dose for a psychedelic experience for people that are seeking mood euphoria, creativity... if you are looking for a full psychedelic trip we advise that you take up to 4 gummies (equal to 1gram) at once.

Magic Shroom Chocolate Bar (3grams)

Our Magic Mushroom chocolate bar contains an accurate 3grams of psilocybin. Shroom chocolate bars taste like regular bars you'd buy in your store, you can't notice any shrooms taste! If you are a beginner with shrooms our chocolate bars are perfect for you, and if you want to get a more psychedelic experience with shrooms you can always eat more to get the desired effect. Each chocolate square contains 125mg of psilocybin making the dosage super easy for you. You can take the perfect dosage for your needs. 3g is considered a high/heroic dosage, so you should start with a low dose if you are not familiar with shrooms (2-4 squares maximum). Great deal for your Bucks, these bars are really cheap for Shrooms Edibles you can get in Canada. Easy to transport and perfect to take care of yourself and finally enjoy a product of great taste quality. Our Shroom chocolate bars are made with high-quality Psylocin Shrooms such as Golden Teachers, Blue Meanies and Penis Envy. Ingredients: dark chocolate, Psylocin Mushroom. Storage: 6 months in the fridge. Buy more, Get more, save up to 20%!
Please be aware that there is a risk of melting chocolate during delivery due to the weather.

Bulk Magic Mushroom Gummies

Our Bulk THC Shroom Gummies are vegan, are made with high-quality dried shrooms and natural fruit syrup. Each gummy has 2500mg containing between 250mg of per square. You're getting 50% Off the retail price, this is ideal if you need large quantities for medicinal reasons or if you want to give them around you.

Bulk Shroom Gummies Info

Total Bags 50 Bags
Shroom per bars 2500mg
Shroom per square 250mg
Effects Focus, Fun
Bulk Price 50% Off retail price

4g Magic Mushroom Gummies

Our 4000mg Shroom Gummies are made with the best psilocybe Cubensis in Canada. All packs contain 2 gummies, each gummy has an accurate 2 grams of dried magic shrooms. These flavorful psilocybin-infused gummies are providing a potent kick. A great choice for those who are experienced with psychedelics. Easy to transport and perfect to take care of yourself and finally enjoying a product of great taste/quality. 4000mg is considered as a Heroic Dose, you should not eat one gummy at once. Instead, you should split each gummy into 4 pieces, start slowly and see how the shrooms affect you. This type of Shroom Gummies is perfect for people that are seeking mood enhancement, creativity... if you are looking for a more psychedelic trip we advise that you take half a gummy at once. Please allow up to 45-60 minutes for initial effects to begin before increasing dosage. If you are not sure of the dosage and effects you want to experience please refer to our Shroom Dosage Guide. Shroom Dosage:
  • Microdose: 0.10 grams – 0.30 grams
  • Beginner Dose: 0.30 grams (a quarter) – 1 gram
  • Average Dose: 1 gram – 2.5 grams
  • High Dose: 2.5 – 3.5 grams
  • Heroic Dose: 3.5+ grams
Ingredients: fruit purée, sugar, pectine NH, glucose, lemon juice, psilocybe cubensis, gelatin. Storage: 6 months in the fridge, 2 months at room temperature
Buy More, Save More: Get up to 20% Off your edibles when buying multiple packs.

Buy Psilocybin Edibles in Canada

Get your mushrooms today with free shipping from BC Weed Edible that has unbeatable prices and unparalleled customer service. Our chocolates and gummies are made using only high-quality zoomies, so you can feel confident about what's going into them as well!

BC Weed Edible is Canada's premium source for all things magic mushroom. With a curated selection of edibles, you're sure to find something perfectly suited to both your taste buds and budget!

Magic mushroom edibles are a great way to enjoy the benefits of shrooms without having to deal with the often harsh taste. There are many different recipes for magic mushroom edibles, but they all generally follow the same basic steps. The first step is to grind up your mushrooms into powder. You can use a blender or food processor, or you can do it by hand with a mortar and pestle. Once they are ground up, you will need to implement them in your mix for gummies or chocolates for example.

Shroom Edibles are made with Psilocybin Cubensis, so you will need to make sure that your mushrooms are of this variety. Usually, you will get some of the most famous shroom strains in Canada such as Penis Envy, Golden Teachers and Blue Meanies. Psilocybin is the compound in shrooms that causes psychedelic effects. Psilocybin Cubensis have been used for centuries for their medicinal properties, which we will talk about a bit further.

We all have those days where we need to relax and forget about the stresses of life. If you're looking for something that will help take your mind off stress, Psilocybin Edibles are an excellent solution! These delicious gummies pack a powerful punch in every bite- delivering a euphoria so strong it's great any time or place (even while working!). So what do y'all waiting on? Order some today before they sell out again!

Some reasons why you should consider buying psilocybin edibles:

  • It tastes like normal gummies or chocolates, forget about the mushroom taste
  • It has an accurate dosage for your needs
  • Discreet and easy to take on the go

You can experience a wide range of effects from consuming shroom edibles, depending on many factors. These include what type you've eaten and how long ago it was since your last dose (or if any). Additionally, people with different levels in general drug tolerance might have different reactions to these drugs which means that one person's trip could drastically differ from another’s despite taking exactly alike substances - this is due largely because everyone has their own set level for pleasure/displeasure!

Shroom Edibles produce a pleasant, euphoric high that lasts between two and six hours. You will start feeling the effects within an hour on average.

Here is a quick recap of our shroom dosage guide, if you want to know everything about shroom dosage feel free to check out the guide:

  • 0.1 to 0.3g is considered as MicroDose of psilocybin
  • 0.3 to 1g is considered a Low Dose of psilocybin
  • 1 to 2.5g is considered as a Moderate Dose
  • 2.5 to 4g is considered as a High Dose (should be taken by and with experienced consumers)

If you're worried about experiencing negative effects from magic mushrooms, don't worry! It's only temporary and the experience will go away. Start low with 0.5g and wait for a couple of hours before taking more!

Shroom edibles are a fantastic way to take your mind off the mundaneness of daily life and enjoy yourself in ways you never thought possible. The euphoria that comes with eating shrooms can make mundane tasks seem less tedious, or even something as simple as walking around town becomes an adventure! You'll be able to see things from all angles while enjoying those newfound colours everywhere.

The benefits of shroom edibles are wide and can improve your life in many ways. It also greatly vary depending on the dose you take. Here are some of the common benefits of taking psilocybin mushrooms:

  • Increased creativity
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Increase energy level
  • Calming the mind
  • Become more open emotionally
  • Rushes of happiness and euphoria
  • Introspection, self-examination, and self-improvement
  • Breaking through emotional barriers
  • More effectively connecting with oneself, others, and the world
  • Soothing symptoms of mental health problems, such as major depression, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, PTSD, ADHD, and OCD.

If you're looking for alternatives to Shroom edibles we have the best strains of dried mushrooms including Golden Teachers, Blue Meanies & Penis Envy.

At BC Weed Edible, we specialize in providing high-quality edibles to all of our customers. We have everything you need from THC Gummies and Brownies right down chocolate bars for those who want their sweet treat fix. If it's medicinal purposes that are needed then don't worry because every product here will be affordable too- especially considering how much better this stuff makes your symptoms feel versus taking prescription drugs which can sometimes have side effects worse than what was originally diagnosed with whatever condition started out seeking medical marijuana treatment