Discover our Cannabis Accessories – a curated collection of premium essentials for elevated experiences! From rolling papers to Silicone containers, Rolling Machine, and Grinder, we’ve got you covered. Ouf accessories are designed to perfection for seamless sessions with weed flowers, hash, and cannabis concentrates! Elevate your moments with us today

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Vape Battery 510

510 thread vapes are the standard in vaping. The “510” is the connection between the atomizer and the battery device—it’s how you screw on the tank. The term means, 10 threads at 5 mm. Now though, the term 510 vape battery is used mostly to refer to cannabis oil vape pens in general. Whether THC oil, delta 8 carts or CBD oil cartridges, this type of device will be your workhorse with advantages and features that cater to oil vapers. They generally feature a larger battery capacity than the typical weed pen—though not as big as a portable cannabis vaporizer— with a blend of performance and convenience.

RAW Natural Rolling Paper

Discover the unparalleled allure of RAW Natural Rolling Papers - a true favorite among rolling enthusiasts. These papers have garnered a devoted following for their pure, unbleached nature, setting them apart from any other rolling papers on the market. Crafted from a hybrid blend of unbleached fibers, RAW papers boast a natural light brown color, showcasing their authenticity. Their thinness is remarkable, allowing you to see through each sheet. The patented CrissCross watermark ensures even-burning perfection and prevents runs, adding to the smoothness of your smoking experience.

RAW Natural Rolling Papers Info

Content 32 Leaves/pack
Sizes 1 1/4 Size or king size
Composition hybrid blend of unbleached (not chlorine whitened) fibers
Color translucent natural light brown
Additive 100% Additive free
Vegan 100% Vegan

Raw Rolling Paper Tips

Discover the ultimate companion for your smoking pleasure - RAW Rolling Paper Tips! These high-quality tips are designed to enhance your rolling experience, providing stability and structure to your joints. Made from natural, unbleached fibers, they offer a smooth and eco-friendly option for your smoking needs. Embrace the convenience and quality of RAW Rolling Paper Tips, an essential addition to your collection of cannabis accessories. Elevate your sessions with precision and style. Buy RAW Rolling Paper Tips now and elevate your rolling game to new heights!

RAW Rolling Paper Tips Info

Specification Description
Quantity per Unit 50 Tips
Brand Raw Papers
Features Thickly rolled paper tips to prevent soggy cigarette tips
Material All natural unrefined paper
Color Unbleached
Fiber Purest natural fibers
Chlorine-Free 100% chlorine-free
Chemical-Free Chemical-free

50mm Grinder 4-part

Experience the excellence of our 50mm Grinder 4-part with Sieve, meticulously crafted from premium milled aerospace aluminum. This high-quality grinder is a must-have in your collection of cannabis accessories, offering exceptional grinding precision for your herbs. The 4-part design features a sieve that separates pollen for an enriched smoking experience. Durable, efficient, and easy to use, this grinder ensures smooth grinding and consistent results every time. Elevate your cannabis sessions with the 50mm Grinder 4-part with Sieve and unlock the true potential of your herbs. Buy now and enhance your smoking journey!

50mm Grinder 4-part Info

Specification Description
Material High-alloy Milled Aerospace Aluminum
Material Density High material density
Teeth Super sharp teeth for efficient grinding
Surface Polished smooth surface
Compact Design Superior compact design
Includes 1x 4-piece set pollen grinder (black) & 1x pollen scraper
Diameter 5cm (2 inches)
Portability Small and easy to carry in your pocket or by hand

RAW 1 1/4 Hemp Rolling Machine

Experience the convenience of RAW 79 mm 1 1/4 Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine and elevate your rolling game to perfection. Crafted from eco-friendly hemp plastic, this handy accessory effortlessly fits 1 1/4 rolling papers, providing a seamless rolling experience every time. Embrace the simplicity and precision of RAW's renowned design and enjoy perfectly rolled joints with ease. For an exceptional smoking session, pair it with RAW Classic King Size Slim rolling papers, and indulge in the ultimate cannabis accessories for an unforgettable experience.

RAW Rolling Machine Info

Package Contents 1 X RAW 79mm Hemp Plastic Roller Machine
Fits Rolling Papers 1 1/4 Rolling Papers
Made from Eco-Friendly German Hemp Plastic

Silicone Container for Concentrate

Discover the perfect cannabis accessories for storing your valuable concentrates - Silicone 2ML or 5ML Containers! Crafted with premium silicone, these jars offer a secure and non-stick solution for your oils and extracts. With a choice of 2ML or 5ML options, you can find the ideal size to suit your needs. Embrace the versatility and durability of these silicone containers, ensuring your concentrates stay fresh and easily accessible. Elevate your concentrate experience with our Silicone Containers today!

Gentcy Silicone 2ML or 5ML Silicone Containers Info

Colour Multi
Material Silicone
Material feature Microwave Safe, Oven Safe Gravity Free
Capacity 2ml or 5 ml
Special feature Transparent, Lightweight, Microwave Safe

Juicy Blunt Wraps (2 per pack)

Indulge in the exquisite world of Juicy Hemp Wraps, a premium choice for your smoking pleasure. Made from natural hemp, these wraps provide a smooth, flavorful smoking experience like no other. Embrace the pros of these wraps - their slow burn, delightful taste, and eco-friendly nature. Buy Juicy Hemp Wraps now and elevate your smoking sessions to new heights. Enhance your experience with our selection of accessories tailored to perfection, and explore our wide range of flowers and hash for an unparalleled adventure. Elevate your smoke game with Juicy Hemp Wraps today!

Juicy Hemp Wraps Info

Tobacco No
Material Natural Toasted Hemp
Flavor Tropical, Grapes, Strawberry, Black and Blueberry.
Quantity per Pack 2
Freshness Seal Yes (Sealed for guaranteed freshness!)

BIC Classic Maxi Lighter

Introducing the iconic BIC Classic Maxi Lighter, a must-have in your collection of cannabis accessories. This reliable and stylish lighter is perfect for igniting your favorite weed, hash, or cannabis concentrate consumption. With a consistent flame and easy-to-use design, it ensures a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience every time. Embrace the convenience and quality of the BIC Classic Maxi Lighter and elevate your cannabis sessions to new heights. Buy BIC Classic Maxi Lighter now and ignite your passion for premium cannabis moments!

BIC Classic Maxi Lighter Info

Brand BIC
Style Classic
Item weight 45 Grams
Product Dimensions 16.3L x 15W x 9.9Th Centimetres

Pipe Screen (5 screens per pack)

Discover the essential cannabis accessory - Pipe Screen (5 screens per pack)! These high-quality screens are designed to fit most pipes, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. The stainless-steel construction guarantees durability and longevity, making them a perfect addition to your collection of cannabis accessories. Say goodbye to clogging and embrace the convenience of Pipe Screens for a cleaner and more flavorful smoke. Buy Pipe Screen (5 screens per pack) now and elevate your cannabis sessions with ease!

Pipe Screen Info

Specification Description
Quantity per Pack 5 screens
Material Stainless steel
Features Sturdy and not easy to rust<br>Easy to use, clean, and sterilize<br>Durable and long-lasting
Diameter 20mm
Compatibility Universal shape and size, suitable for most smoking pipes or bowls