Welcome to BC Weed Edible

01. About us

BC Weed Edible is born when Rick and Morty met each other.

The first one is passionate about pastry and got graduated with a Pastry Chef Diploma. The Second loves Cannabis for its recreational and medical benefits and is also passionate about digital marketing.

When both discovered cannabis-infused edibles it was an epiphany. Why not combining the French pastry expertise with edibles? The Cannabis industry and Edibles are brand new in Canada and will change drastically in the next ears.

This is why we decided to jump on the train and shape the future of this market with our vision of excellence.

Morty – Cannabis Expert

02. Our Vision

The incredible thing with edible is that your imagination is the only limit of what you can do. Literally, all the food we know can be infused with Cannabis. We want our products to be unique and carry our value of excellence with the best ingredients available in Canada. This is why we will keep creating new products over time as we want to disrupt the Edible industry!

Our goal is t provide everyone that wants to experience Edibles to have a delicious experience at a fair price. This way if you want to use edibles for medication or just for fun you will get the most out of your buck!

Rick – Pastry Chef