In recent times, the cost of shipping, parcels, everything has been steadily rising. By setting a minimum order total of $99, we aim to strike a balance that ensures our customers receive the best possible value for their money.

For all orders above $99 you will get free delivery and you can also use the coupon FIRST20 to get $20 Off. 

We offer Free Xpress shipping for every orders above $99 everywhere in Canada.  It does not matter where you are in Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon & Northwest territories, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island…

We make it super easy to order from us!

  • Simply Browse our premium weed edibles and add items to your cart
  • While checking out simply add your billing details, you can place an order even as a guest.
  • Check out and pay using Interac e-Transfer
  • You will receive a tracking number for your package once payment is confirmed. Expect your shipment within 2-5 business days.

Yes. We ensure that your order is packaged with care in a discreet parcel. Not even the postman knows what’s inside. This protects your purchase and your privacy. We use mailers that are secure and discreet.

Yes! We do our best to be available for our customers and their inquiries. You can reach us via our email address [email protected].

You can even reach us on the live chat if you have questions about the products or anything else.

You can add your coupon from the cart page. It should be right below your cart products. Simply add and submit your coupon, then a message will confirm that it has been used.

To use your points, follow these simple steps:

  1. Proceed to the cart page on our website.
  2. Just under the products summary, you will find a field labeled “Reward points to enter”
  3. Enter the desired amount of points into the provided field.
  4. Click on the “Apply Reward Point” button next to the coupon field.

The corresponding discount will automatically be applied to the cart total based on the number of points you entered.It’s that easy! Your points will be converted into a discount, and you’ll see the updated total reflecting the applied discount. You can then proceed to checkout with the adjusted price, making the most of your accumulated points.

If you want to know more about it, visit our reward points page: https://bcweededible.net/reward-points/

Yes, If you want to edit or add to your order, you’ll need to create a new order with us. We will then go ahead and cancel the old order (if it has not been paid for already). Email us at [email protected] with your order number that you want to be cancelled.


We currently accept only etransfer and Bitcoin payment. We are unable to process debit or credit card at the moment.

To send an e-transfer, follow the easy-to-use instructions on screen:

  1. Log into your online or mobile banking app and select the account.
  2. Enter our email for payment: [email protected]
  3. Add a name: BC SOAP (nothing related to cannabis)
  4. Enter the amount.
  5. We have autodeposit so you don’t have to enter a question. (If you choose to make a manual e-transfer, please ensure that you include the following information in your e-transfer:
    • Question: your order number
    • Answer: Canada)
  6. Add your order number in the message area
  7. Validate your payment

The payment process may take up to 6 hours If it has been less than 6hours Please wait. Once we’ve processed your payment you will receive a confirmation email saying that your order is “In Process”. If payment was made over 6 hours ago, contact us at [email protected] for assistance. Thank you.

Once the payment is sent, it may take a few hours for us to receive it. When your payment has been received by us, we will notify you by email. And we will send you a tracking number by email once the order is ready to ship out.

Once payment has been auto deposited, your order will be processed. Please note any payments deposited after 9:00AM (PST) will be shipped out the next business day (although we will extend this cut-off time internally as far as possible). We recommend that you send payment the day before you want us to ship your package.


To see if your order has been sent, you can:

  1. Check your emails, you will receive “Order is now Complete” with tracking code in it.
  2. Check ‘orders’ page in your account: https://bcweededible.net/my-account/orders/.

Then select your order and you will be able to see its status.

If you receive an email saying that your order is in “process” we will “complete” or send it within 1 business day. 

Note that Canada Post is not moving parcels during the weekends, so if you’ve place your order on friday afternoon, it will be sent to Canada Post facilities by monday morning. This is when your tracking code should update automatically.

To find your tracking number: Take you back to the ‘orders’ page in your account: https://bcweededible.net/my-account/orders/. Then select your order and you will be able to see the tracking number. If there is no tracking number it’s because your order has not been sent yet.

CANADA POST & Delivery

BC Weed Edible guarantees to ship all packages, however, BC Weed Edible is not responsible for packages once sent via Xpress Canada Post. The moment Canada Post has your packages, it is up to Canada Post to deliver in a timely manner. This is why we provide tracking on all orders.

We deliver EVERYWHERE in Canada. We won’t ship parcels outside the country for legal matters.

We send all our parcels from BC with Xpress Post, depending on your province that might take more or less business days to reach your doorstep.

Shipping speed according to Canada Post:

Shipping distance Projected arrival date (business days)
Local Next day
Regional Next day
National 2 days

We apologize for the delay in your order. The delay is unfortunately beyond our control, as Canada Post is responsible for the handling and delivery of your parcel. If you don’t get your package after two days past the expected delivery date, please contact us. We can do a trace with Canada Post. This investigation by Canada Post may take 14-21 business days (due to covid-19). If they are able to find the package, Canada Post will re-ship it to you free of cost. If the package is deemed “unrecoverable,” refunds will not be offered.

In many cases the tracking isn’t updated due to a missing scan, which is a common occurrence for Canada Post. If your tracker is not updating, and the package is not delivered within 5 business days of shipment, please contact us and we will do a trace with Canada Post.

We may email you the tracking number before the package arrives at the Post Office. The tracking number won’t show up as traceable on the Canada Post site until the package is physically scanned in at the first destination. In most cases trackers will be updated by the end of the business day.

Shipping insurance will cover the cost or replacing your order AND shipping costs giving you peace of mind! Coverage up to $1000 Max. To avoid fraud or misuse each case will be audited before the order is replaced. Before any orders are replaced we will thoroughly investigated individually.

If your package is missing more than 3 days past delivery date you may request to use your shipping insurance by filing a claim with us. To file a claim you must provide your order# as well as tracking# to [email protected] After we confirm your order and tracking number we will file a trace with Canada Post.

If a trace is filed, Canada Post will start an investigation (which can take up to 5 business days to complete). If they locate the package, they will ship it to you and you will receive it a few days later. If they cannot locate it and it is deemed lost or stolen we will replace your order.

Insurance will only cover packages that do not make it to their final destination and can be confirmed lost or stolen or in “limbo” by postal tracking. All packages are shipped to the exact address that is provided by the customer(you) therefore once the package is delivered by the postal worker the package is considered delivered and fulfilled. Once the package is delivered and confirmed you can no longer claim for the order.

Shipping insurance is single use and only applies to the order it was purchased with. It cannot be rolled over or used with any future or prior orders. The charge or $19 is non refundable and non recurring. Insurance will only apply to orders that do NOT make it to their specified address and must be counted missing for 4 business days after Canada Post has completed their investigation. (This does not include weekends or stat holidays). All packages are delivered via. express shipping. (2 day shipping).

Return Policy

Mistake can happen and we got your back! When something is missing on your order we will work in one of the following way:

  1. Give you a coupon with the value of the missing product for your next order
  2. Send you the products back if it’s urgent or essential

We always prioritize the first option as shipping cost is at a all-time high. We count on your understanding in that case.

99%+ of the time everything go smooth for our customers and they are really happy of the product. But sometime you can have an issue with one of our product (leak, broken, not charging, clogged…). In that case we will replace your products or give you a coupon with the value of the product.

We might ask you some questions about the issue and the product so we make sure where the problem came from and if customer is sincere (99%+ of the time you are).

Sometimes the product turns out not to be to your taste. To avoid this type of issue we always recommend that you start with small quantities and try the product first. That will prevent this to happen in 90% of the cases.

If the products is not to your taste due to insufficient quality or obvious defects we will take care of it. It is a case to case basis, but we always try to accomodate our dear customers! We can ask you to send the product back is some cases, in other cases we give you a coupon with the value of the product or resend new products to your doorstep.