What are magic mushrooms? Everything you should know

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Magic mushrooms, also known as Psilocybin Mushrooms or Zooms, have gained tremendous popularity in the past years as a potential treatment for mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and addiction. However, their use is not without risks and should always be approached with caution. In this article, we will delve into everything you should know about magic mushrooms – their effects, potential benefits, and how to consume it.

What are Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are a type of fungi that contain natural psychoactive compounds. These compounds, particularly psilocybin and psilocin, can induce powerful changes in perception, mood, and thought. For centuries, magic mushrooms have been used for spiritual, therapeutic, and recreational purposes by various cultures around the world.

Psilocybin compound can produce hallucinogenic effects when ingested. There are dozens of magic mushrooms strain, but the most popular include Golden Teachers, Penis Envy, and Blue Meanies.

Blue Meanies Shrooms

What Do Magic Mushrooms Do to Brain and Body?

When consumed, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, psilocybin, interacts with serotonin receptors in the brain to produce its psychoactive effects. These effects can range from visual and auditory hallucinations to altered perception of time and space. Additionally, users may experience feelings of euphoria or spiritual connection. The physical effects of consuming magic mushrooms can include nausea, muscle weakness, increased heart rate and blood pressure, and dilated pupils. Long-term use of magic mushrooms has been linked to an increased risk of developing mental health issues such as depression or anxiety.

Overall, it is important to note that the use of magic mushrooms carries risks and should not be taken lightly. It is essential to understand how these substances interact with your body before consuming them.

b+ magic mushroom canada 2What are the different types of Magic Mushroom dosages?

The different types of magic mushroom dosages refer to the varying amounts of mushrooms consumed, which can range from microdosing (sub-threshold doses) to moderate and high doses. Each dosage level offers unique effects and experiences, allowing individuals to choose the intensity that aligns with their intentions and comfort level. There are three common dosages for magic mushrooms:

  • Microdose – a sub-perceptual dose that is typically between 0.1-0.5 grams. It can provide a range of benefits such as increased creativity, improved focus, and reduced anxiety without causing any significant alterations in perception or mood.
  • Moderate dose – a dose that produces noticeable changes in perception and mood. The recommended dosage is between 1-2.5 grams, which can induce mild to moderate hallucinations, euphoria, altered sense of time, and enhanced introspection.
  • Heroic dose – a high dose that can produce intense and profound psychedelic experiences. The recommended dosage is between 3-5 grams, which can cause profound and transformative experiences such as ego death, mystical experiences, and spiritual insights. This dose should only be taken by experienced users in a safe and controlled environment.

Whether you’re looking for a sub-perceptual dose to improve your creativity and focus, a moderate dose to explore altered states of consciousness, or a heroic dose for transformative and spiritual experiences, it’s essential to approach magic mushrooms with caution and respect. Remember that the dosage of magic mushrooms should always be carefully considered and adjusted according to individual factors such as body weight and sensitivity. It’s also crucial to take them in a safe and controlled environment, especially if you’re taking a higher dose.

Golden Teachers Magic Mushrooms

What are the benefits of Magic Mushrooms?

They have been used for centuries in various cultures for spiritual and medicinal purposes. Here are some of the potential benefits of magic mushrooms:

  • Improved Mental Health: Studies have shown that consuming magic mushrooms can help reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD. It can also improve mood and increase feelings of well-being.
  • Increased Creativity: Magic mushrooms can help to increase creativity by allowing users to think more freely and explore new ideas.
  • Spiritual Experiences: Many people report having spiritual experiences while under the influence of magic mushrooms. These experiences can be profound and life-changing for some people.

Exploring the world of magic mushrooms can be both fascinating and transformative. With its potential to induce profound changes in perception, mood, and thought, magic mushrooms have been used for centuries by various cultures around the world for spiritual, therapeutic, and recreational purposes.

What are the side effects of Magic Mushrooms?

The consumption of magic mushrooms can lead to various side effects, which may include:

  • Euphoria and mood changes: Users may experience intense feelings of euphoria, joy, or emotional changes during the trip.
  • Distorted perception of time and space: Magic mushrooms can distort the perception of time, making minutes feel like hours or vice versa. The sense of space and distance may also be altered.
  • Increased introspection and self-reflection: The psychedelic experience induced by magic mushrooms can prompt deep introspection and self-reflection, which can be both profound and potentially challenging.
  • Nausea and stomach discomfort: It is not uncommon to experience nausea, stomach discomfort, or gastrointestinal distress during the trip.
  • Anxiety and paranoia: In some cases, magic mushrooms can induce anxiety or feelings of paranoia, especially when consumed in high doses or in an uncomfortable setting.
  • Risk of a “bad trip”: A bad trip refers to a highly distressing or frightening psychedelic experience that can result in anxiety, panic, or feelings of losing control. It is more likely to occur in individuals with pre-existing mental health conditions or in challenging environments.

It’s important to approach magic mushrooms with caution, respect, and proper preparation. Set and setting play a crucial role in influencing the overall experience, and it is recommended to have a trusted trip sitter and create a safe and supportive environment.

magic mushroom chocolate barHow to consume magic mushrooms?

There are several ways to take magic mushrooms, including:

  • Tea: You can make tea with dried or fresh mushrooms. This is a popular way to consume them as it masks the taste and makes them easier to swallow.
  • Chocolate: You can mix powdered mushrooms into chocolate for a more palatable experience. The chocolate helps mask the taste and texture of the mushrooms.
  • Gummies: You can also make gummies with powdered or fresh mushrooms. This is another popular way to consume them as it masks the taste and makes them easier to swallow.
  • Dry: You can eat dried or fresh mushrooms in their natural form. This is one of the most common ways to take magic mushrooms, but it may be difficult for some people due to the taste and texture of the mushroom.

There are various ways to take magic mushrooms, including eating them fresh or dried, making tea with them, or using them in supplements. However, regardless of the method you choose, it is crucial to approach magic mushrooms with caution and respect, especially when it comes to dosage and setting. Always start with a small dose and work your way up gradually, and take them in a safe and controlled environment.


In conclusion, magic mushrooms are a fascinating and complex substance that has been used for centuries for spiritual, therapeutic, and recreational purposes. They contain a psychoactive compound called psilocybin that can induce powerful changes in perception, mood, and thought. While there is a growing body of research suggesting that magic mushrooms may have potential therapeutic benefits for various mental health conditions, it’s important to approach them with caution and respect. Always educate yourself on the proper dosage, preparation, and safe practices when exploring the world of magic mushrooms. Remember to prioritize your safety and well-being above all else, and always take them in a safe and controlled environment.