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What are Moonrocks? Everything You Should Know

moonrock weed buds

Interest in moonrocks has been increasing in recent years, as more and more people are interested into infused flowers and pre-rolls. Moonrock has been trendy because this is the perfect product between strong concentrates and your classic cannabis flowers, giving you a unique high experience! In this article, we will answer all of the most common questions about cannabis Moonrocks.

What are cannabis moon rocks?

Cannabis Moonrocks are a type of infused cannabis that is made by taking high-quality weed and dip/spraying it witha type of extract like D9 Distillate or live resin, and then rolling it in kief. This creates a super-potent product that can pack a punch even for experienced cannabis users. The end result is a sticky bud that looks like a Moonrock. It is also important to note that Moonrocks is also a brand in Canada, for more information about this please check: Moonrock Canada Review & Coupons.

How Potent are Moonrocks?

Moon rocks are some of the most potent and sought-after cannabis products on the market today. Despite the variability from batch to batch, moon rocks typically have THC levels that ranges between 45-55%. Significantly higher than the average flower product which is around 20%.

Pros & Cons of Moonrocks

moonrock weed buds

Smoking moon rocks is a popular way to get high, offering the benefits of dabs with a fun twist and super-potent dose of THC. moonrocks are cost effective, since just a small bit can produce a powerful high that lasts for hours.

However, moon rocks also have their downsides and drawbacks. For one thing, they are known to produce extreme and sometimes unpleasant levels of intoxication, which may not be suitable for everyone. Additionally, they are messy and tricky to handle; the best way to smoke them is in a large glass pipe. They should also be kept in a cool, dry space to avoid melting or breaking down into useless chunks of resin. Nevertheless, smoking moon rocks remains an appealing option for those looking for an intense cannabis experience that is sure to get you buzzing.

How to make Moonrocks at home?

Moonrock canada

Making moon rocks at home is a fairly simple process, and can be done with a variety of different materials. To get started, you will need some buds of your favourite cannabis strain as well as some liquidy concentrate or hash oil. Also add a big bowl of kief from the bottom of your grinder to make your moon rocks extra potent.

Next, you will need to gather your tools. In order to create moon rocks, you will need tongs or some other type of grabbing and pinching apparatus in order to handle the hot plant matter and concentrate safely. You may also want to use a small liquid dropper to help apply the concentrate to your buds more easily.

  • Step 1: simply grab a nug or two of your favourite flower. If possible go for a dense bud so that your final product will hold together.
  • Step 2: Now it’s time to grab the concentrate of your choice. If your favourite concentrate is super thick and tough to work with, heat it up until it becomes more liquidy. Use a dropper to cover the buds, making sure not to oversaturate them. If you saturate the bud too much, it will take longer to dry and be difficult to light.
  • Step 3: use tongs to roll the buds in a generous amount of kief until they are completely coated in crystal goodness.
  • Step 4: Let the moon rocks dry until they are ready for use, then light them up and enjoy the intense flavors and effects of both cannabis and concentrates in one convenient package!

BONUS: if you have high terps concentrates at home such as live resin or sauce you can use it to cover your bud. It will give an extra taste to your final product

Whether you prefer to smoke moon rocks alone or with friends, this unique DIY home-made can be a fun and effective way to get high. So why not give it a try?

Where to buy Moonrocks?

Making a moonrock purchase might seem like an easy task; after all, moon rocks are available from many different online retailers. However, when it comes to finding the best moon rocks for your needs, quality and social proof are crucial factors to consider. Given the high price tag of moon rocks, you don’t want to be the first person to try the product; instead, you should stick with companies that already have a proven track record and a strong reputation in canadian 420 community.

We personally recommend that you check Moonrock Canada (established in 2016) and Eden Moonrock Weed and Moonrock Joints. Make sure to check out our products! We also have $20 off your First order with the code FIRST20!

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How to smoke Moonrocks?

smoke bong

To smoke moon rocks effectively we recommend that you use a type glassware. Moon rocks are a very thick and greasy substance, and therefore will not roll up or burn easily in a typical joint. As such, you may need to use a bong or pipe of some kind to be able to consume moon rocks effectively.

Instead of using heat alone, one effective method for lighting moon rocks is to place them on top of some other flower or ground bud and then use fire alongside friction from rolling your joint or blunt to ignite the moon rock effectively. Once it is lit, you can enjoy all the powerful effects of this potent weed strain!

How much do moon rocks cost?

Cannabis moon rocks are a high-end product and as such, they come with a high price tag. A single gram of moon rocks usually cost between $30-40, making them one of the most expensive cannabis concentrate on the market. However if you are willing to buy larger quantities, the price per gram generally decreases. For example, a 28-gram (1 ounce) package of moon rocks from a reputable online dispensary brand such as Eden will cost you only $280, which works out to $10 per gram.

How to consume moon rocks safely?

It’s important to be aware of the potential risks involved and to consume them safely. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

  1. Start with a small amount: Due to their potency, it’s best to start with just a small amount of moon rocks. This will help you gauge your tolerance and avoid any unwanted side effects
  2. Use a clean pipe or bong: Be sure to use a clean pipe or bong when consuming moon rocks. This will help to avoid any potential contaminants that may be present in the product.
  3. Buy from a reputable source: Make sure you buy your moon rocks from a reputable source. This will ensure that you’re getting a quality product that is safe to consume.
  4. Store them properly: Once you have your moon rocks, be sure to store them properly. Keep them in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

Now that you know how to consume moon rocks safely, it’s time to enjoy them! These potent little nuggets are sure to provide a powerful high that will leave you feeling happy and relaxed. So sit back, light up, and enjoy the ride!

What are the effects of moonrocks?

It’s important to note that moon rocks are not the type of high where you’ll feel energetic and alert. If you have important tasks to take care of or a workout routine that you need to stick to, you’ll be better off smoking at a different time so that you don’t end up passing out from being too high. Whether you’re indulging solo or sharing with friends, just be sure to enjoy moon rocks responsibly and reap all their wonderful benefits!

Each hit delivers a powerful and intense high that starts in the head before spreading throughout the entire body, leaving you feeling like you’ve reached a mountaintop after an epic journey. But this is a journey that should be taken with care, as moon rock highs can be intense and overwhelming for those who aren’t prepared. Still, if you’re looking for an unparalleled cannabis experience, moon rocks are hard to beat.

Final Thoughts

Moonrocks are getting trendier in Canada, this is simply following the trend of infused cannabis products such as infused pre-rolls and flowers. This is not for faint heart, and should only consumed by experienced people that already know their tolerance. Moonrocks are widely available online and often come at a high price tag. However if you know where to look you can also find great deals. In the end it just depends what you are looking for.

We recommend that you check Moonrock Canada as they are the first ones introducing this product in Canada. They have a wide variety of products and flavours, worth checking out. However if you are looking for larger quantities and more budget friendly take a look at the Eden Moonrock we carry at BC Weed Edible