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Where to Buy Edibles in Canada?

weed edible dosage chart

With cannabis now being legalized in Canada, more and more people are asking “where to buy weed edibles?“. There are a few different places where you can order edibles, from physical stores to online businesses. But each has its own pros and cons. In this article, we’ll talk about the three main types of places where you can buy edibles: Cannabis shops, local weed delivery, and online dispensaries.

Cannabis Shops

Cannabis shops are the most obvious place to buy edibles. They usually have a wide variety of products, and you can often find good deals on edibles there. However, the downside is that they’re not always the most reliable when it comes to potency and price.


  • Wide variety
  • Stores are everywhere, so you can easily get your THC gummies next to your house
  • No need to wait for delivery or shipping
  • Highly regulated products


  • Really expensive for the dosage you get
  • Dosage is extremely limited (10mg per package)
  • You have to get to the store
  • In Quebec edibles are not available in stores

Local Weed Delivery

Local weed delivery is another option for buying edibles. The main advantage of this is that you can often get your edibles delivered right to your door. This is convenient, but it can also be more expensive than other options.


  • Usually, get delivery within a couple of hours
  • You can stay home while waiting for your products
  • Price is affordable
  • No potency limitation


  • The variety is not always great
  • You don’t have amazing deals or bulk discount
  • You might have to pay for delivery if you don’t have a minimum amount for your purchase

Online Dispensaries

Online dispensaries are the third option for buying edibles. They’re often the most affordable option, and you can usually find a good selection of products. However, the downside is that you have to wait for your edibles to be shipped, which can take a few days.


  • Free Express Delivery everywhere in Canada
  • Huge variety of products (chocolate, gummies, baked goods, drinks, strong…)
  • Cheapest price you can find in Canada
  • Discounts and Coupons are often available
  • No potency limitation, edibles up to 1000mg are available
  • Collects points, refers a friend, bulk deals… A lot of ways to save your bucks
  • Discreet Package delivered by Canada Post


  • The minimum for free delivery is around $99 or $150
  • You have to wait a couple of business days to get your products

Comparison table between the 3 options

In order to help you choose the best option for you, we’ve prepared a comparison table where each pro and cons are highlighted. With this, you should be able to choose the perfect option to buy your edibles in Canada.

Weight Shop Delivery Online Dispensaries
Price No Yes Yes
Variety Yes No Yes
Potency No Yes Yes
Fast Yes Yes No
Deals No No Yes
Free Delivery No Yes Yes
Country Wide No No Yes
Comparison chart between Cannabis stores, Delivery services and online dispensaries for edibles.

So, where should you buy edibles?

The decision ultimately comes down to personal preference. If you want the fastest solution, then a cannabis shop is probably your best bet. If you’re looking for convenience, then local weed delivery might be the way to go. And if you’re looking for the best deals, then online dispensaries are probably your best option. Whatever you decide, make sure you do your research so that you can find the best edibles for your needs and budget.

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10mg THC Gummies (10x10mg)

Our 100mg THC Gummies come with 10 piece of 10mg THC per bag . All our gummies are are vegan & made with natural ingredients only. We only use real fruits and no conservative, colourants or artificial flavours! The perfect texture for the perfect taste, finally enjoy a product of high-quality. All our gummies come in different phenotype, so you can choose between Sativa & Indica variations to get the full entourage effect of marijuana! 10mg is a great dosage for beginners. It can even be split into two parts of 5mg in order to have a light buzz. Both dosages are great for recreational purposes.

100mg THC Gummy Edibles info

THC Content 100mg
THC per serving 10mg
Type Sativa or Indica
Good for Pain, Anxiety, Fun, Focus, Sleep
Ingredients fruit purée, sugar, pectine NH, glucose, lemon juice, distillate THC, natural terpenes
Storage 6 months in the fridge, 2 months at room temperature. Store in a cool, dry & dark place

THC Chocolates Bar Edibles

Our cannabis infused chocolate bars come in three different THC potencies. Each chocolate bar has 24 squares making it easy to take the exact amount of THC you need:
  • 240mg chocolate bar: 10mg THC per chocolate square great for beginners
  • 500mg chocolate bar: 20mg THC per chocolate square great for intermediate
  • 1200mg chocolate bar: 50mg THC per chocolate square great for experts
Please be aware that there is a risk of melting chocolate during delivery due to the weather.

THC Chocolate Bar Details

THC Content 240mg, 500mg or 1200mg
THC per square 10mg, 20mg or 50mg
Good for Pain, Anxiety, Fun, Focus, Sleep
Ingredients chocolate 72%, distillate THC
Storage Store in a cool, dry & dark place