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Best 5 Cannabis Edibles in Canada

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With cannabis legalization sweeping the nation, Edibles are a growing choice for individuals seeking a smoke-free way to consume cannabis. There are many different types of edibles available on the market, from cookies and brownies to gummy bears and chocolate bars. So, which edibles are the best? Here is a list of the top 5 cannabis edibles in Canada!

Edibles don’t have an odour and may be eaten discretely. Edibles are also ideal for medicinal purposes due to their longer duration of action (6-8 hours vs. 2-4 hours when smoking). People who have never used cannabis should be careful not to eat too many edibles since it might take 30-120 minutes for them to take effect. If you’re trying edibles for the first time, keep in mind that you should start slow and low (5-10mg max).

Our 10mg Gummies are vegan, no gelatin, made with the best ingredients. The perfect texture for the perfect taste you could find. Easy to transport and perfect to take care of yourself and finally enjoying a product of great taste quality

10mg is a great dosage for beginners. It can even be split into two parts of 5mg in order to have a light buzz. Both dosages are great for recreational purposes. Each package contains 20 gummies containing 10mg of THC each. Each pack has 200mg THC!

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2. 1000mg THC Gummies

Our 1000mg Edible Gummies are vegan, no gelatin, made with the best ingredients. This edible is part of the strongest edibles in Canada. Each 1000mg package contains 2 large gummies containing 500mg of THC each. It is easy to cut in pieces for a more controlled dosage. You should not eat them at one time!

1000mg THC is great for medicinal purposes, especially for heavy health conditions. If you are not sure about the dosage you should check please take a look at our Edible Dosage Chart by Weight.

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3. THC Chocolates Bar

Our 240mg weed chocolate edible bar has 24 squares of 10mg THC so it is easy to take the exact amount of THC you need. If you are a beginner with edibles our weed chocolate bars are perfect for you, and if you have a higher tolerance with cannabis you can always eat more squares to get the desired effect.

Great deal for your Bucks, these bars are some of the cheapest weed edibles you can get in Canada. Our Weed chocolate bars are made with high-quality THC distillate.

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4. 20mg CBD Gummies

Our 20mg CBD Gummies are vegan, no gelatin, made with the best ingredients. Each pack contains 10 gummies of 20mg CBD each. These 20mg CBD Isolate gummies make an excellent choice for combating anxiety and daytime pain.

These 20mg CBD gummies have an accurate dosage so you will get exactly what you need. Our CBD Gummies are made with the best CBD Isolate in Canada with over 99% CBD content. Check out our CBD Dosage chart if you are not sure about how much you should take.

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5. 100mg THC Brownies

Our Chocolate brownies are homemade with the best ingredients, they will let you go back to childhood with just one mission in mind, to make you happy! 100mg is a dosage for experienced people.

100mg THC is great for medicinal purposes, especially for heavy health conditions. Each 100mg package contains 1 piece of brownie. Be careful and responsible while eating them, wait at least 2 hours before finishing your brownie or taking another one.

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Best Edibles in Canada: Check out our Inventory

If you are new to edibles or an experienced user, BC Weed Edible has something for every customer! Our collection includes cannabis-infused treats like brownies and cookies as well as more modern concoctions such as THC chocolate bars. From 10mg up to 1000mg THC, you can be sure that you will find something either you are looking for recreational or medicinal marijuana. We also offer CBD edibles that won’t affect your day and allow you to do everything without the stone effect of weed.

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