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1000mg Edible Price

1000mg thc gummies edible

1000mg of THC edibles can cost anywhere from $40 to $70, depending on the dispensary and the type of products such as gummies, chocolates or brownies. It is important to do your research before purchasing 1000mg of THC edibles. In this blog post, we will discuss the average prices for 1000mg of THC edibles in dispensaries across the country and also from Online Dispensaries. We will also provide tips on how to find the best deals!

1000mg Edibles price from local dispensaries

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find 1000mg edibles from your local dispensary. Edibles have been legalized recently therefore the legislation is still really restrictive when it comes to selling them in licensed facilities.

If you ever want to buy 1000mg THC in edibles that will cost you a lot. Note that in cannabis stores only sell pack that contains 10mg. That means you will have to buy 100 packs to get the amount of THC you are looking for. If you were to buy from a licensed store you will have to spend over $300 to get 1000mg of edibles, which is totally overpriced.

1000mg Edibles price from Online Dispensaries

When buying from Online Dispensaries such as BC Weed Edible you can get 1000mg THC Edibles for as low as $40. For this price, you will only get the best edibles in the country. Cheap price does not mean cheap quality, especially not with our MOM (Mail Order Marijuana) service. We are using only the best ingredients and THC concentrates for our edibles.

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What type of Edibles can I get for this price?

The price slightly varies depending on the type of 1g edible you are looking for. The price difference will be around +/- $10.

Gummies and Chocolates are available from $40-50. When it comes to baked edibles such as brownies and Cookies it comes a bit more expensive as there is more labour involved in the process.

Why buy 1000mg of edibles?

  1. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option to get high with your friends
  2. If you are looking for strong medication to treat health conditions on a daily basis and can’t afford overpriced edibles from licensed stores

Last thoughts about 1000mg edibles price

If you are looking for 1000mg THC edibles in Canada now you know the price you should buy. Our recommendation is obviously to buy it online from a reliable online dispensary. At least while the licensed store can’t sell those strong edibles. 1000mg is extremely potent, if you don’t know the dosage you should take when invite you to check our Edible Dosage Chart by Weight.

1000mg edibles are the best option for those that want to get high without breaking the bank or need medication for serious health conditions. Make sure to check all our THC & CBD Edibles if you are looking for the best edibles in Canada! Don’t forget to check out our menu at BC Weed Edible today. Don’t forget to use your 15% Off coupon for your first order: FIRST15.